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Purchase GLT and follow the results


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What is GLT?

Golden Lion Token or GLT is an internal unit of mutual settlement between the participants. GLT rate depends on the result of managing crypto assets on the world's leading crypto exchanges by our team of traders.

How does it work?

Step 1. Purchase of GLT

Now GLT costs $0. The rate is growing along with the success of the Trust in BTC team. The participant buys the desired amount of GLT, which is called a hold

Step 2. Tracking results

From the moment of purchase of the hold, the participant only needs to track the dynamics of changes of the GLT rate and the hold values

Step 3. Withdraw profit or increase revenue

The participant can close any active hold at any time by selling back GLT, or continue to hold further, or even buy more GLT to the current hold.

Advantage over cryptocurrency

It is easy for a participant to buy and hold GLT as buy cryptocurrency! The only difference that GLT is balanced by a variety of assets and does not depend on a particular cryptocurrency or exchange.


Holds quantity

per annum


Last year
  • Last year
  • Current year

Participants' activity

Investment portfolio

Allocation of funds in the portfolio

  • High-capitalization crypto assets
  • Mid-cap crypto assets
  • Assets of the Initial Exchange Offer (IEO)
  • Microcapitalization crypto-assets


The project strategy is aimed at maintaining a balance of stability and optimal profitability. This is why 50% of the portfolio consists of major cryptocurrencies from the top 10 by capitalization, and the second half of the portfolio consists of volatile instruments, including new crypto assets.

Distribution of funds by term

  • In a long-term placement of six months or more
    Positional trading
  • From one month to six months
    Medium-term trading
  • Short-term
    Trading on pullbacks and price breakouts


Depending on the market situation, traders can use various tactics from algorithmic to short-term trading. This comprehensive approach to asset management allows to achieve optimal results and maintain flexibility in any market situation.

Algorithmic trading

Effective tactics based on market patterns with use of protective orders.

Margin trading

Trading with a leverage in order to multiply profits on strong market movements, based on the attempts to predict the interests of large players.

Short-term trading

Based on price action, analysis of the volumes and activity of exchange bots.


Silver hold

undefined - undefined USD

NaN - NaN GLTPer hold's value
  • Profit sharing: NaN%/undefined%
  • Entrance fee: %
  • Management fee: %
  • Lock-up period: months
  • Early closing: %

Golden hold

undefined - undefined USD

NaN - NaN GLTPer hold's value
  • Profit sharing: NaN%/undefined%
  • Entrance fee: %
  • Management fee: %
  • Lock-up period: months
  • Early closing: %

Platinum hold

undefined - undefined USD

NaN - NaN GLTPer hold's value
  • Profit sharing: NaN%/undefined%
  • Entrance fee: %
  • Management fee: %
  • Lock-up period: months
  • Early closing: %

Referral program

Rewarding plan

Earn up to 70% reward for each new participant. Build your own referral network with a multi-level payout system.


from the participant's entrance fee

up to 15.75%

from profit

4 level

payout of the referral network

News and events

The history of the project

The mission

Trust in BTC is a cryptocurrency investment project. The mission of the project is to provide a simple and affordable way to invest in crypto assets.


Closed private foundation
A closed project for private investors in the securities markets was created.


Opening a crypto fund
In 2019, priority was given to the rapidly developing crypto asset market and a strategic decision was made to reorient the project to trade on the world's leading crypto exchanges. From this point on, the project becomes open to all participants who want to invest in cryptocurrencies.


Trust in BTC creation
At the beginning of 2020, the digital platform was launched and the issue of 100,000,000 GLT was announced.1 000 000 USD is the company's own capital, which is managed by the traders' team and is the first value of the company's stabilization hedge fund, so that the participants can be sure that the capitalization of the project increases through the management not only by the participants' assets but the fund's seed money too.


Where are we locatedGLTInvestment OÜ, Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Roseni tn 13, 10111, registry code 16146912
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